Aspie Works Delivers Two Shows for the 2017 Rochester Fringe!

Aspie Works will present two shows for the 2017 Rochester Fringe Festival!

The first show is Human Politics, a performance of two original one-act plays written by company founder Justin Rielly. It will be presented twice – Saturday, September 16 at 5pm and Thursday, September 21 at 9pm – at the Black Box Theatre of School of the Arts. Tickets are $10 for both nights.

In the opener “Assumptions,” two neighbors witness a new family moving into their neighborhood – but things get personal when one of those neighbors wants to remove them. Lawrence Brewley directs, with Andrew Langton and Tim Shea starring.

The second play “Resilient (January 20, 2017)” follows Molly, a young woman who gets a visit from her mother, Gretchen, on the night of the president’s inauguration. Gretchen supports the new president, but Molly is convinced he will do irreparable damage to the country. As a result, their relationship is severely tested. Paul Johnstone, an actor from last December’s award-winning A Holiday Trilogy, makes his directorial debut with this play. Mary Megan Bringley and Lory Love Restivo star as Molly and Gretchen respectively.

Rielly directs the one-act play When Shakespeare’s Ladies Meet, a witty homage to some of the Bard’s most romantic leading ladies. The show will be presented at MuCCC on Sunday, September 17 at 2pm and Monday, September 18 at 7pm; tickets are $10 for both performances, and will be presented with ASL interpreting (a first for the company).

Six of them – Juliet, Ophelia, Desdemona, Portia, Katharine and Cleopatra – converge on the Capulet garden to share thoughts on love and relationships, especially since the more experienced ladies believe Juliet needs advice on her relationship with Romeo.

The show’s ensemble cast features Kiyomi Oliver (from Rielly’s Some Shorties and a Fake Ad) as Portia, Kate Osher as Cleopatra, Rachel Romack as Juliet, Katharine Sanford (from The Taming) as Katharine, Natalie Walton (from A Holiday Trilogy) as Ophelia, and Danica Zielinski as Desdemona; Zielinski also serves as the show’s set and costume designer.

Stay tuned to and for more information on these and other Aspie Works projects!

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