Aspie Works Founder Revisits ‘Come Talk to Me’ November 23 at MuCCC

This is the poster for the 2014 workshop edition of Justin Rielly's play "Come Talk to Me."
This is the poster for the 2014 workshop edition of Justin Rielly’s play “Come Talk to Me.”

Aspie Works will finish its 2014 run with a workshop presentation of founder Justin Rielly’s one-act drama Come Talk to Me, to be held Sunday, November 23 at 7:00pm at the MuCCC (142 Atlantic Avenue, Rochester).

Set during a stormy day, a counselor’s secretary returns to work to find out her boss is late and all of her patients have canceled – except for one, a young bookseller suffering from a broken heart and more.   Then there is the secretary’s situation, as she returns to work after a harrowing family event.  The play follows what happens when these two lost souls end up in the same room.

Come Talk to Me was initially presented as a workshop reading in July 2013, with Rielly directing and providing stage narration.  This edition stars Natalie Walton (Classics Theater’s The Philanderer) as Ginny Clark and Jonathan Michael Griffiths (RCP’s Triquetra: A Night of Irish Plays) as Will Shepherd.  Director Cece McFarland (RCP’s 2014 edition of Same Sex Shakespeare) will perform the stage narration.

This presentation of Come Talk with Me is a “pay-what-you-will” event.  For more information, visit this page or any associated Aspie Works pages!

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