Upcoming Projects

Stay tuned to AspieWorks.com and Facebook.com/AspieWorks for updates on future projects, including shows being prepared for the 2018 Rochester Fringe Festival!

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Projects”

  1. Hello. I have been active in community youth theater and in my high school but recently graduated and would like to know about opportunities within your organization.

    Please let me know of upcoming auditions for your company.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you Max for your comments.

      Right now Aspie Works is co-producing Cormac McCarthy’s THE SUNSET LIMITED, which will be presented at the MuCCC next weekend. We are also preparing other shows for the Fringe Festival this September, though there will likely be no auditions for those.

      You can check this page or Aspie Works’ Facebook page for updates and potential auditions.

      Thank you again,

      Justin Rielly
      Founder, Aspie Works

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