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‘Love in the Style of Will’ is a Triumph

Love in the Style of Will


From Aspie Works founder Justin Rielly:

Thank you to the cast and crew of LOVE IN THE STYLE OF WILL for an incredible performance last night.  The time and efforts put into this show left an impression on the audience who came, which for the record, may have been the biggest audience for anything I’ve ever done, for Aspie Works or anything before the company’s launch.

I am overwhelmed with happiness, with the feeling of victory.  It will be hard to top, and yet it will be great to see what happens next.

Behind the Scenes of a Sonnet

This is an exclusive behind-the-scenes pic for an upcoming Aspie Works project!

Actor-musician Emily Cirincione rehearses a sonnet being filmed for the Shakespeare-themed show Love in the Style of Will, to be performed on Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2014) at the MuCCC.

Miss Cirincione is a SUNY Geneseo alumna who participated in the college’s theater club Cothurnus, and starred as Tybalt in last fall’s production of Romeo and Juliet presented by Cothurnus and VegSOUP.  She also plays viola and sings on the multi-style band The Whale and the Warbler.

The sonnet transitions are being helmed by Aspie Works founder Justin Rielly, who is also developing and co-producing this project with Melyssa Hall and Katherine Royal.

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